Peer Analysis


For Banks & Credit Unions

We offer our remote consulting services along with an incredible data analysis application and individually tailor our services to your institution's peer analysis needs.

What we

Aventine Consulting

Whether you want to prepare for board reports, inform strategic planning, or discover new trends, we work to quickly provide you with the highest quality reports and visualizations on the market.

To get started we:

  • Discuss your current peer analysis methods
  • Determine current needs and potential wants
  • Establish a customer success process

Aventine Web


Aventine Web is a powerful, yet intuitive analytics platform included with our services that was built in collaboration with multiple industry experts.

To get started we:

  • Discover new peer groups with our geographic, financial, and similarity filters
  • Migrate your current reports and peer groups into our system
  • Continually ensure you have the features and data you require
Aventine Web

Our core focus is rapidly discovering, refining, and understanding insightful data from peer groups. As an example, it is a 2-minute process to identify every institution in your market with a similar loan portfolio, filter by ROA and asset size, and then generate professional reports.


Our value comes from our exceptional dedication to our customers. We work with you to ensure you have exactly what you need.

  • Compare banks and credit unions directly

    Our software allows you to create peer groups and reports with both FDIC and NCUA data

  • Instant peer comparison

    Take your 50 most important KPIs and statistically compare your bank to its peers with one click using Aventine Web's Flash Report

  • Individual branch analysis

    Graphical and tabular analysis of existing or even potential branch locations

  • Custom metrics

    Hundreds of custom metrics conveniently mapped and grouped. If we don't have it, we'll build it for you, today

  • Customer success

    We work to ensure our customers' needs are always met with high quality solutions

  • Feature development

    We continually develop features to ensure our customers' needs are always met with high quality solutions


We provide exceptional support, enterprise-level consulting, and industry-leading software at an affordable price.


Customer satisfaction is our mission.

“[their data] is presented in an easily accessible way by a company that is totally committed to its customers. Ryan and Michael provide us with an invaluable service and are extremely responsive. What more could you ask?”

Alan Gual, VP Marketing

“Aventine Analytics provides us with a user-friendly web platform and highly responsive consulting services, which are very accommodating to our wide-ranging requests. Their historical data reporting, customizable programming and data visualization expertise helps us and our board understand our peer competitors and make informed decisions on our CECL models.”

Dave McGowen, President

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How much does Aventine cost?

      Our pricing is dependent upon our client's needs. However, we ensure that our pricing is best-in-market.

    • How long are your contracts?

      We usually sign one-year contracts because we believe our customer retention is firmly rooted in our commitment to excellent service.

    • How does your consulting work?

      We typically have a base number of consulting hours listed in our contract. This covers any ad-hoc requests and provides a baseline for projects with additional scope.

    • What is your onboarding process?

      First we establish a primary point-of-contact with our clients. From there, we review current peer analytics needs, and discuss how we could help with any pain points and perceived inefficiencies.

    • Do you offer training or support for your web application?

      In our initial meetings we determine if anyone would like to use Aventine Web. Following this, we schedule training sessions where we walk them through their desired use-cases. Lastly, we are always readily available to help, if needed.

    • Do you provide multiple logins?

      Typically we provide a single, company-wide login for your institution. This allows saved peer groups, reports, and configurations to be shared across your organization.

    • What other services do you offer?

      Previous fulfilled client requests include: building interactive dashboards, economic modeling, and creating custom graphics for promotional materials.

    • What if we want a feature that doesn't exist?

      Typically, if it is something that benefits all of our customers or is a small one-off request, we are happy to implement it as complimentary service.

    • Where is Aventine Analytics based?

      We are based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL and work as a remote consulting firm. However, we have the ability to visit clients and have enjoyed doing so if warranted.