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What we do
Aventine Analytics provides reports which allow bankers to track their bank's performance and compare it to that of other banks across a number of relevant financial metrics, including assets, loans, profitability ratios, deposits, and much more. Reports show current data as well as historical growth, and allow bankers to track branch deposit growth against competitor branches in their area. Several pre-built templates for these reports will be available, all of which may be edited and customized, and users will have the ability to create custom reports, as the goals of Aventine Analytics are user-friendliness and customizability. All reports will be available in PDF and Excel, and pricing will be best in market.

How we will help you
Pre-Built Templates
Pre-built reports outlining your bank's and competitor banks' performance in several of the most relevant categories, including loans, deposits, profitability, and other key banking metrics.
Fully Customizable Reporting
All templates are fully customizable based on filtering parameters including peer set, data categories, and historic date ranges; all reports are downloadable as an Excel, PDF, or as a web-based report.
Historical Reporting
We allow you to create quarterly and annual data comparisons to help you better understand and grow your bank through data trends over time.
Branch Comparisons
Our reporting services allow you to generate current and historical reports of branch deposit activity, customized to your branch's local region.
Immediate Report Generation
You can log in and generate any reports at any time, with reports available instantly for use in Excel, PDF, and online formats.
Best In Market Pricing
We strive to provide you with the best available pricing and services, so you can focus on better understanding your competition and growing your business.

Meet our team
Ryan D'Antonio
Michael Sills
Corey Pennycuff
Kristin Sanford
Graphic Designer
Kyle D'Antonio
Buisness Analyst

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